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Camino sours. Camino sours‘Proud’ was pioneered in 2018 by Kiva’s lead product developer to pay homage to her LGBTQ+ family and provide a uniquely exhilarating experience. With a blend of energizing terpenes and sweet fruit and tropical flavors, these limited-edition iridescent gummies are designed to rally your spirits and help you stand passionately proud. 2024 marks the fifth year of releasing Camino sours ‘Proud’ gummies.

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Camino sours. Camino sours much-anticipated product features a new Passionfruit Punch flavor, and a reimagined landscape featuring San Francisco’s historic Pink Triangle. Once a symbol of hate and intolerance, the Pink Triangle brings attention to the past persecution of the gay community and reminds us to ensure it never happens again.

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Camino soursIn support of the LGBTQ+ and trans communities, Kiva is donating $100,000 this year to FOLX HRT Care Fund in partnership with the National Black Trans Advocacy Coalition (BTAC), the LA LGBT Center’s Transgender Economic Empowerment Project (TEEP), Transgender Law Center, and GLAAD. To learn more visit


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